What is Env?

A project entirely destined to fill some lack identified about cybersecurity.

Env is an efficient all-in-one framework, which collects a useful set of assets and tools for infrastructure pentesting; It is also an automated software, to make faster sessions and routine actions of a penetration test.

 How does Env work?

Env is managed through a comfortable and intuitive graphic interface in which the pentesting phases are simplified.

It generates professional, automatic and dynamic reports, which will enable the comparison among various sessions after long time, and also will allow an accurate diagnosis and evaluation of the target system.

All reported vulnerabilities will contain personalized alerts, with an accurate, complete description and a step by step mitigation.

 Who is Env for?

Env is dedicated to professionals in the sector and also to those who want to master their knowledge.

This perspective concerns everyone: the private individual, the professional and the public administration.

Cyberspace protection will become a competitive advantage for the whole system. This requirement is fundamental and essential for those who want to take the path of digitalization.